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Hello. Our organization has been present for over 18 years in the field. We make the most of all our Resources.

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Our Profile

  • El Ruhama is a national nongovernmental organization (NGO) Established in 1999 in South Darfur state as a Sudanese NGO and formally registered with the Humantrain Aid Commission (HAC) in Jan 2004.

El Ruhama has dedicated itself to assisting people in emergencies and crises, that contribute alleviation of people suffering caught up in both conflicts, and natural disasters.

El Ruhama organization has a presence in seven states, In 2005 RODHA established the country Office in Khartoum and program offices in South Darfur state (Nyala, Tulus and Shearia), central Darfur   ( Wadi Salih, Zalinji), East Darfur (Al-Daein) South Kordofan state (Kadugli), Blue Nile State (EL Damazin), West Kordofan (Al Muglid).

El Ruhama operating projects and interventions are the following sectors of Health, Education, Food Security &Livelihood(FSL), NON-Food Item(NFI), and protection. These sectors’ activities will contribute to supporting the affected vulnerable groups and re-establish a more sustainable way of life.

El Ruhama organization is also objective at strengthening the capacities of local communities through training of local staff and involving them in the projects design, management, decision making, and implementation.

El Ruhama funding resources depend on various UN agencies and partnerships with various INGOs, El Ruhama is committed to the Code of Conducts, HAP (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership). In the implementation of its projects, the SPHERE standards are used as a reference.