Who We Are

About Us

El Ruhama Organization for Development and Humanitarian Aid

El Ruhama Name

El Ruhama refers to people’s goodwill to provide and assist each other in peaceful and hard times regardless of any unfairness.
Needless to say, El Ruhama is being derived from the ideas of people for the people of the community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a just Sudan without poverty. We want a Sudan where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting the coming generations and their lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build capacity and respond with determination, compassion, and empathy per needy, the victims of disasters. Support those at risk, and promote com­munities socioeconomic development in the most effective and efficient manner. Using available resources to sustain the environment.

We Facilitate Lasting Change by:

  •  Strengthening Capacity for Self-Help. 
  •  Providing Livelihood Opportunity.
  •  Delivering Humanitarian Aid Services.
  •  Addressing Discrimination in All Its Forms.
  • Environment Protection.
  •  Sustainable Human Resources Development.
  •  Peaceful Co-Existence.

El Ruhama Objectives

  • To help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty.
  • To empower people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.
  • To contribute to early intervention.
  • To assist and empower vulnerable groups of affected population or communities.

How we achieve our objectives/Mechanism

  • Using a Combination of Rights-Based Sustainable Development Programs.
  • Public Education.
  • Campaigns.
  • Advocacy.
  • Humanitarian Assistance In Disasters And Conflicts.
  • Challenge The Structural Causes of The Injustice of Poverty.
  • Work With the Host Community, Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, Returnees Especially Women, Single Mothers, Disabled, Elderly, Children, Orphan.

Our Beliefs

Everyone has a right to realize their potential, and to live free of poverty in a secure and more equitable world. We believe that with the necessary action and political will, this world is possible.
People have a right to life and security; to a sustainable livelihood; to be heard; to have an identity, and to have access to basic social services.
In poverty, people have little power and are denied an effective voice. Poverty means little income, too few assets, lack of access to basic services and opportunities, deep inequalities, ongoing insecurity, and little opportunity for development.
Poverty is rooted in inequality, and inhuman action or inaction. It can be worsened by natural or manmade- disasters, human violence, oppression, and environmental damage, and maintained by institutions and economic means.
Women and girls are often the most oppressed by poverty; their needs and rights must be central to eliminating it.
We face unprecedented changes and challenges this century, including climate change, famines, and food price crises, increasing humanitarian crises, energy limitations, the proliferation of weapons, irregular immigration and human trafficking, urbanization, and natural resources shortages. To meet these challenges, we need wider global cooperation, coordination, and cohesion.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of human life.
  • We are awed by human resilience and believe in the ability of all people to thrive, not just exist.
  • We believe that all people have the right to live in peaceful communities and participate fully in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • We value stewardship of the earth’s health, pledging to accountably and efficiently preserve and manage its resources.
  • We believe that it is our duty to be effective stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us.

Staff Code of Conduct

El Ruhama seeks to ensure that all our staff are aware of our values and principles, and abide by them. We have a staff Code of Conduct that forms constitute part of our contract of employment. This Code establishes the behaviors that we expect staff to display in their work and in their private life where this may affect El Ruhama’s reputation. Staff members in breach of our Code are interrogation.

Sharing Platforms

El Ruhama will not knowingly provide a platform to people or groups that engage in activities that are contrary to El Ruhama, values or principles. We may decide to share a platform with those who do express views contrary to our own, where we believe they need challenging and where sharing a platform is an appropriate and effective way of doing that. We make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.